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Re: Lolli’s WLS Babble

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Hello again lovely people!

Just a quick update and wanted to apologise for not being around so much recently other than to update numbers. It’s a hard one to explain so will keep it pretty brief, I have recently had the news that my mother had passed away. For me this has been quite an unusual situation as I have not for many years been in contact with any of my family. I was in care as a teenager and all links back to the road travelled and my horrendous weight gains and where and who I am today. The news of course was an ugly shock and have been working through a whole plethora of emotions. Sadly, there was no love lost in this relationship but as you can imagine it made it none the less painful to deal with. I had dealt with my past and forgiven, moved on and spent a lifetime fighting to be a better me. My weight and food addiction were the weapon and the cure and having had my battle to get surgery and finally take control of myself was the final step. It just seems all so surreal that having taken this control, the root and reason for my self harm has also been removed from my life. I do hope you can understand my absense though and am sorry I have not been able to be here and participate with you all, but have just needed the timeout to work through everything.

As you may of guessed though I am loopy by nature and made of steel, so please know I am doing ok 🙂 Sorry to have been a doom and gloom posting, but I needed to so something a little cathartic and get it out there, and here with all of your seemed the right place.

On a brighter note though am am thrilled to say that today I have reached 3 of my mini targets!!! So here goes….

12 weeks post op:

Highest Weight: 26st 10lb Current Weight: 21st 5lb
Or: 374lb Now: 299lb (under 300lb mini goal!!)
Loss of: 5st 5lb (75lb mini goal!!)
Highest BMI: 62.2 BMI Now: 49.8 (under 50 mini goal!!!)

So, as you can imagine, I am rather thrilled with everything to do with my WLS, it’s been a very bumpy road over the last twelve weeks to say the least. I would not change a single moment of it though. I am learning and growing and finding my way back to who I am again.

I see so many of you close to your op’s and those already on the losers bench doing fabulously! I send you all my hugs and best wishes where ever you are with it all right now and if I can only offer one piece of advice right now it would be…

Keep On Keeping On!!

Much love and stuff
Lolli xx


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