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Re: Lolli’s WLS Babble

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And so I make it to Week 8!!

I have to say that this last week has been one of the hardest since my op. Don’t get me wrong, I am bouncing off walls when I see the results, 62lb in 10wks…Holy moley!! I would never have dreamt such success in a billion years and am delighted and proud.

However, this week I have had what feels like a restriction kick up the bum. Suddenly, I am feeling everything hitting my pouch, even my trusted Ribena Really Light is landing with a mighty thud and at times making me feel pretty queezy. It’s almost as it wants to close down for business full stop. :yuck:

I also keep having horrid dizzy spells, real moments where I feel I am going to pass out from it, almost like I am not breathing enough. I am certain that I am guilty of not keeping up my fluids and I am trying oh so hard to make my quota. Such a hard thing to do though when everything is making pouchie yell at me. Not to mention the No’ 2’s department, that seems like a rollercoaster of bathroom visits ranging from stop to full speed (lol, sorry)

I think though on the whole, I am ok, I think my body is dealing with the shock, and who can blame it? I have given my insides a radical reset and it’s stunned like a rabbit in headlights – hell I know my mind has been LOL 😀

And through all this I keep thinking how inactive I have still been. I want so badly to be able to get to working out and building back some muscle mass I have lost over the last two years. My hernia repair though has had different ideas about that and it’s getting to be a little frustrating. I know, I know, patience and have to mend – but I don’t want to mess this opportunity up.

I am despite all above, feeling more alive than I have in years and even though I am doing all the day to day stuff, just want to be doing more. That’s not a symptom or side effect of this op – that’s just bloody minded me!!! Still, the time will come when I can throw myself around like an aerobic ragdoll I am sure LOL – just need to stop being so fretful.

Anyway, yet again enough babble from me. I do hope you are all well and I see such great things happening to this wonderful family, best of wishes to all who are waiting dates, about to have their ops and of course much success to all who are travelling to Slimville already.

And still I say – I LOVE MY RNY (even when you are mean to me) :love:

Hugs ~ Lolli xx

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