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Re: Lolli’s WLS Babble

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Hellooo again dear bloggie-diary-thingie….Well have I got some news for you today!!

I had my six week check on Wednesday and to cut a long story short, despite all the fun of the last month or so, I am doing really well, things are working as they should, things falling off from where I want them to! LOL 😀

Anyway…according to the scales I was only 2lb short of a rather fabulous number…..well I had to do it, I could not wait another week, I can’t lie…I made it until this morning when I simply had to look….I stepped upon those digital tormentors (mine make me lighter, pfft) and what did they do to me this time????? OMG….OMG! I have done it, I have lost 53lb!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means I have done it on mine and theirs!!!!!! Not only does it make me 50+ less but it also takes me into a new stoneage (22st 13lb) that I have not been in for three years!!!!!!!!!!


LMAO…and yes, I do now intend to stay off the machine of mean until next week….cos I am terrified that it will put me back up to the 23’s overnight….I am sooooooooo not tempting fate and refuse to go back there, no way, no how, not ever again!!

I have to tell you…

:love: I loooooooooooooooove my RNY!!!!! :love:

So until next babble… massive {{{HUGS}}} all around, love you all lots!

Lolli xxx

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