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Re: Light Headedness and Energy Levels

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@Buzz 19007 wrote:

Blood pressure changes, and thing to do tinks is to try to concentrate on substainable foods if you feel you dont have enough energy. it might be worth considering a protien shake middday or morning to give yourself some more energy.
Just remember we absorb so much less, our intake is less but we venture on to doing so much more…
We need t sustain energy.

Light headedness was quite common for me…. just sit back down take a few breaths and try again.

Ask for a check up at the doctors, 3 months is a good time.

More sustainable foods…. and the occasioanlly bannanna monkey…… love ya.

Buzz x

Hi Buzz

Whats a banana monkey??

I try to ensure that all of my 3 main meals have both a source of protein and carbohydrate to ensure that i’m getting sufficient calories and most of my snacks are protein based i.e. milk/cheese/nuts etc – Don’t feel i can pack anything more into what i’m eating.

I’ve got a GP appointment on tuesday so i’m going to ask them to check my blood pressure and sugar levels. Also think i need to get onto my dietician again tomorrow and see if she can give me anymore tips on the food front. this lack of energy and shakiness is starting to get me down 🙁

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