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Re: life is great

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Thanks Midge. I know what you’re saying and do agree. Just when we are going through an eating binge the bells start to ring and the scales don’t lie. It’s so easy for me and probably everyone else to brush off the odd few lbs gained here and there and I know when I’m in trouble. Last night turned into a total disaster with 4 boxes of mini cereals, leftover chinese that my son had stupidly left in the kitchen and more bread. It’s like a rabid animal trying to see how much they can get in. It scares the shit out of me if I’m honest. Then of course that cycle begins where you eat because you’re pissed off with yourself and then you gain and then you eat. Whoever said fat people don’t have psych problems is an arse!!! I’ve been called into our local radio station to talk about bariatric surgery tomorrow morning and I’m not sure how I will handle that one! I can only be honest and tell it as it is – it’s not a golden ticket and we still have to have some form of self control and willpower.

Been baking for the cafe this morning and so far not caved into temptation thankfully. Perhaps yesterdays all day long binge got it out of my system! It doesn’t help that my sister has been diagnosed with secondary cancer (she had breast cancer 3 times 12 years ago). They have found a tumour on her brain, 2 in her lungs and one on her sternum. Is it any wonder I’m beating myself up!

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