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I hope that you are soon on here celebrating with us all SCP. It is such a big step to take but so worthwhile. Like others have said there are so many advantages and benefits on top of the weight loss. Treeza has listed a few which are really important for her. I would agree with so many of these. I am starting to feel less concerned about chairs with arms and I am also starting to wear different clothes which is unbelievable. I was so very lucky because although I was significantly obese I did not really have health problems as such. I am not on any medication or supplements, beyond the usual ones which is great and all my blood levels etc are great too. I have lost 7 stone since my surgery in February, which is 8 and a half months ago. I have lost 10 and a half stone in the last 4 and a half years. I was following an excellent eating plan but despite my best efforts my body was not cooperating and I was going up again. So I do celebrate and 10.5 stone as well as the 7 stone, because that is my total loss.

I do have a disability so a big advantage for me was in being light enough to have a very portable mobility scooter which I can whizz around on. For those who have seen me on it, I really do whizz about too! I am so much more independent at home and work because of that. I can also cross my legs… who would have thought it! That takes the pressure off my spine which is brilliant. I don’t know how to post pictures on here but I am finding new bright clothes to wear too!

So for any of you who are really scared out there I think we all know how you feel and we were frightened too. I think one of the most important things is the new friends you meet. The locality specific groups are just great, we can laugh, support, celebrate and give helpful hints and everyone is so friendly. Do go to one of those groups because they are just brilliant. We are lucky enough to have Doodah, Treeza, Kim and Sharon in our group (and many others who have been here in the past) and it really is such a happy and supportive place to be, both at the group and in-between times too. Doodah is a wonderful asset to any group and she is our facilitator, mainstay, and all round wonderful person. Nobody can have too many friends, and those who have been through what we all have are very special indeed. Many of us are also blessed to have wonderfully supportive partners who also come to group when they can, or support us in other ways.

I hope that you start to feel the way that we all do S. Thinking of you.

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