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@hmb74 27228 wrote:

Hey all. Long time no speak. Had a bit of a blip and lost my way a little bit. The pressures of life and uncertainty with regards to work/job hunting/business/finances/studying all teamed up and I let them win. Back and bouncing now though 🙂

I had an appointment at St Richards on Tuesday 8th Jan. I’ve lost 8 st in 9 mths. Current percentage loss is 41 %. They reckon I’m a little bit off target (3-5 kg) for the 65 % average loss. The vibes I got kinda bugged me. “It looks like you’re not gonna make it to the average …”

Think again, Mrs Dietician 😉

By my calculations I need to lose 2 st 3 lbs before the next appointment arrives. The appointment is on April 23rd (15 wks). It’s still possible 🙂

Start weight = 29 st 3 lbs
Current weight = 21 st 3 lbs

I’ve lost the equivalent of my 13 yr old niece.

I’m in new territory now. Haven’t been this low (in a weight sense) since I was, oh, 21 yrs old.

Whitey is absolutely right. Whoever made you feel like a naughty child is not doing their job properly.

However, I can see a renewed lust for weight loss in your post so maybe she had a method to her ‘madness’? maybe she thinks that some people respond to the challenge of being told they are ‘merely average’? You have done absolutely brilliantly and nothing nor no one can take that away from you. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself to get the 2st 3lbs off before your next appointment. It isn’t a blooming race! It’s a new lifestyle. I’m still on my journey and I had my surgery 4.5 years ago! I have finally won the war but have one last battle to go – more skin removal next month.

Facts and figures are helpful but they are not gospel. I lost a stone a month for ten months then it took another 8 months to get the other five off: almost twice as long. Other people overtook me but you know what, I was thrilled for them and just kept doing my own thing. I eventually ‘caught up’ – we all do.

We are all so different that it is madness to compare ourselves to others or beat ourselves up if we don’t meet the number on the chart. Chart Schmart. We are human beings, not farm produce!! give yourself a huge pat on the back. You have lost EIGHT stone for goodness sake. I think we can get blasé about the numbers sometimes when they are, in fact, mind-boggling!

Well done on your phenomenal achievement – so far…..I know you will reach your goal 😉

Doodah x

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