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@hmb74 24729 wrote:

Oh, happy Monday 🙂

Here we are, half way through the first day of the first full 37 hr working week for about a year. Last night I started with yet another cold. It’s not bad, just irritating. Only seems like 5 mins since the last one.

And …

Had to call my GP this morning. My lovely cat jumped off the bed last night and managed catch my left leg with his rear claws. Enter leaking clear fluids. Lymphoedema + leaking fluids + cat claws = alarm bells. I have no desire to go through another bout of cellulitis. Three times is the left leg is enough!

GP is drawing up a prescription for a precautionary course of antibiotics. Doesn’t want to see me unless there are any obvious changes to skin condition. I jumped early so am feeling 90 % positive that this will come to nothing more than it is already.

Spoke about blood tests too. My thyroid test on Weds has been upgraded to full blood work to see where we’re at.

Good news is … Got on the scales yesterday. I’ve said “see ya!” to 4.5 lbs since 2nd July. Total loss is now 4 st 5lbs since 30th March 🙂

Almost 4 and a half stone in 4 months – absolutely brillaint. Well done you xx Hope nothing comes of this latest ‘incident’ and that you don’t have to be in pain again. It drags you down so doesn’t it?

Doodah x

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