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@hmb74 24550 wrote:

Well … Been a while. Spare time is a rare commodity at the moment. Back at work full time, revision for the exam (ouch!), upping the active living levels with gym and salsa class attendance etc. Couldn’t let today go by without dropping by though.

I had an appointment with the dietician at St Richards this morning. I was a bit doubtful about weight loss this time. It felt more like inch loss because my clothes are looser. Imagine the big beam on my face when the scales said I’ve lost 4.4 kg (9.5 lbs) since the post op check 5 weeks ago :-). That takes the total loss to 4 st 1/2 lb (can’t forget the half a pound, lol) since March 30th.

It was suggested that I start with calcium + vit D supplements now. It was also suggested that I go on to more normal consistency food. I’m having some but it’s still fairly soft. Next appointment Sept 25th unless there are any issues.

Fitness wise I can easily walk 1-1.5 miles now. I’m doing 2 cardio sessions at the gym, 15 mins of salsa footwork every Monday and start pilates tomorrow. My salsa tutor is working with me. We’ve set some goals: keep on at the gym and practicing the footwork, get down to 24 stone then try joining in with the beginners class. Only 16 lbs to lose now. Pilates will help with the turns 🙂

It’s not all plain sailing. I’ve been having cravings for crisps and giving in to them. My aim for the next 3 months is to work on sorting this one out. Think I know what it is: rapid weight loss = old demons coming out to play, namely fear of success, fear of the unknown and trying to get my head round the fact that I DO deserve to be happy and that I am worth something. The demons won’t win.

Thank you SO much for posting this. It’s honest, heartfelt and insightful.

You are right about the ‘You don’t deserve happiness or success demons’. I still struggle with them occasionally four years post op (July 17) which is ridiculous really isn’t it? I recently had good news job wise and it took several days for it to sink in and to allow myself to be both happy and feel like I had earned it.

You are doing absolutely brilliantly. It couldn’t be better really could it? So, allow yourself a great big smug smile and pat on the back. YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!

Well done and I can’t wait to hear from you after your next appointment ;-))

Doodah x

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