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@hmb74 24986 wrote:

Well, after 2 weeks of chasing we’ve had ONE blood test result back. FBC is normal. Still waiting for 2 or 3 more results. Anyone got the number for Speedy Gonzales? 😉

Am keeping a chair warm at home this afternoon. Waiting for the second of 2 calls arranged by my landlord. Gas safety check has been done, now waiting for a contractor to talk/do something about loft insulation. Getting up occasionally to do bits of housework but my main goal is sorting out the CV and jobhunting. Yes, it pays the bills, keeps a roof over my head, and keeps me out of mischief. Yes, there are people worse off than I am … But I’m not happy where I am. I’ve been doing the job for 14 yrs: know it well, am good at what I do, have positive relationships with most customers and know the hard work is appreciated. It’s time for a new challenge.

Just writing the CV is a challenge. Haven’t had to think about trying to “sell myself” for so long that I don’t really know where to start. Try selling something when you’re still trying to fathom what its positive qualities are. Low self-esteem/confidence get outta here. Your presence is no longer required.

I love this post. You are already thinking well ahead to when you will once more be the more confident, optimistic new you!

I recently had to write a CV and was appalled at how I undersold myself! I have been doing the job for 18 months but had to write a CV for it yet I still couldn’t bring myself to tell my employers how good I am haha!! What are we like eh?

Like you say ‘begone low self esteem and confidence…’ Good for you hmb 😉

Doodah x

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