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Re: Last day of my old life, 2 weeks of milk start tomorrow

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@londonmag 25705 wrote:

It is hard to know what to do, but think I need to write them somehow. It is thinking if so much to write that makes it harder, but guess that shows how special they are to me, and reminds me of why I am doing this

Thanks all


That’s exactly how I felt about it. I wanted my loved ones to know that I did it for them just as much as myself. You will come through, take your place on the loser’s bench and know in your heart that you did the right thing. Just write from the heart. You will cry – buckets – but that’s the point: they mean everything to you.

The first thing I remember after my surgery was my Mum saying ‘Oh Suzie, you are so brave’. It’s only brave if you make a choice with no definite outcome. I was so poorly that I thought I had NO choice at all. Turns out I did, and I made the right one! So now, when I look back, I think I was a little bit brave. I could have left the people I love most in the world behind but, if I hadn’t had wls, I would have pretty soon anyway – that’s why I felt I had no choice.

Anyway, I’m rambling now haha. You do what is right for YOU. As I always say at seminars: ‘Just for once in your life, put yourself first’. Here is a short video of me actually saying that if you are interested 😉 The other people in the video are totally inspirational and several are now close freinds of mine ;-)) xx

Hear what weight loss surgery is really like from Streamline Surgical patients – YouTube

ps I’m the blonde one.

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