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Re: Lapband fills: FAQ

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I might be ignorant here but why did you have to hold your legs up together? Where is your port?? I don’t ever remember having to do that!! My port was on my sternam but I know they can put it in different places (be good if they do cos I found when I’d lost all my weight it was really painful there as it stuck out with all the weightloss!). Just has my mind boggling where they have put yours! lmao. Don’t forget, I had my band 10 years ago so things have changed no doubt. Bit like they didn’t have different sizes of band back then either. Totally normal for your portion sizes to get bigger the closer you are to needing a fill. Sometimes you don’t even feel the restriction straight after the fill and feel a bit miserable that it’s not worked but it does kick in. It was my purse that felt the worst as it used to cost me about £75 for each fill if I remember rightly and that was back then!!

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