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Re: Lapband fills: FAQ

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@Claire 13422 wrote:

Hang in there all you baby bandsters – it can be really frustrating for the first few months or so whilst you are waiting for restriction. You need to remember that everyone is different and that one of you may get restriction from your first fill, the next person on their 3rd… When you are on a forum when the majority of other members are bypassers, it can be pretty demoralising seeing them all start to shed the weight from the get-go, but you need to remember that they have a much smaller window of opportunity to lose the weight.

There are always lots of failed bandsters to be found because most of the successful bandsters are too busy enjoying their new life! I am 16 months post op and have lost 8.5 stone and am now in a size 14 skinny jean, which at 5’9″ is pretty good!!!! I still have about a stone and a half that I want to lose, but because I have a band, it is still entirely possible.

Hang on in there, it may take a while, but then again, we didn’t get big overnight either… the band is the slower of the 2 options, but generally, both bandsters and bypassers end up losing the same after about 18-24 months…

Good luck all!

Take care

This is a great pOST Claire
with many relevant points made
I have had BOTH bariatric surgeries so I know exactly where you are coming from.
good reading xxx

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