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Re: Lapband fills: FAQ

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*Phew* I am not the only one!! Thank you for all your comments, it really is appreciated. I have such a busy life (have two children) with work and kids… etc… its hard to get on here. My sister thinks its fab that I am losing weight very slowly but she doesnt like the vomiting side of the band. I am not vomiting as much as I am working with the band. My body still thinks it needs to consume the food it use to, which was a constant food munching! so now its strange when I cant by pass the time snacking. As I said, my band has 2 ml in it and I think I am at the sweet point already… but only losing 1lb or 1/2 lb a week. I have stepped up with exercise.

John – I agree, its great having the band restriction but it is frastrating sometimes but I guess that is what we have all signed up for… its my little monitor to tell me when I have consumed too much! I guess I must stop trying to have another mouthful when I am full up. I think its because I was so use to binging on food for comfort so now that has gone I dont have a replacement and guess that is why I get frastrated…. but its what I signed up for.

I had my op just before Xmas and am only one stone down…. so I guess I am still not eating well but am still happy that I am still losing even if it is slow as long as I dont put on!


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