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Re: Lapband fills: FAQ

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Hello RDH

I have 5 1/4 mls in my 10 ml band, i find i cant cope with 1ml fills, so i have 1/4ml each month. I’m 6 months post op and i have my 6month check up tomorrow.
I steadly lose about 1 lb a week, and like you i’m happy with the way it is going. The hosp would like me to lose 7 stone in total, i’m up to 3 stone 10lbs according to my scales. But i’m realistic and i think another 1 1/2 or 2 stone within the next 6 months and i would be very happy indeed.

I do get frustrated with my band, today was a very manic day and to tell you the truth i ate rubbish ( this is not a normal day ), so snack was an oats bar mid day ( after my 45 min walk), bag of crips at lunch with fruit….. 🙁 , dinner was mashed pot and left over stew from last night……. The rubbish went down ok, could only manage half the dinner, (wasn’t going to stay down. ) Yet i had the same dinner last night without a problem…..

I do have days of throwing up, but it’s me not stopping when i should……… I sometimes just push that extra mouthful, and then pay for it. I still eat too fast aswell, it’s very hard to eat slow….. Still learning i guess, but no regrets.

When was your op ?


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