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Re: Kidney stones

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@Kimberly 33985 wrote:

Bless you xx one if the reassuring things is that I can be honest not judged . But also know you got my back xx you are such nice kind people

There will never be any judgement here. I can promise you that much! I’m over the moon that you feel safe on here, Kim.

When I took over this forum, there was sometimes nastiness and spite. And a sort of ‘competition’ as to who was either being the most virtuous or naughty. Or who was suffering the most. There were even people warning newbies about how awful wls can be.

Whilst honest and constructive opinions are welcome – direct criticism is NOT. Nor do we try to scare the pants off newbies, just because we had problems. We tell the truth – our OWN truth. But we do not judge, belittle, scare or ‘bully’ people. Everyone is treated with respect.

Nasty posts do occur, but they are swiftly dealt with. However, some of the older posts are still on here. I left them on as a reminder of how things SHOULDN’T be. There is no place for egos here.

Anyway, I’ve gone off at a tangent – AGAIN! Make sure you all keep ME in check as I’m a a born gabber (Irish Mum haha!) and sometimes need reigning in. I love this place. It really is a little safety net of which every single one of you is holding a little bit. I have been supported so many times your bloomin arms must be aching!

Doodah x

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