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Re: Kidney stones

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@Kimberly 33909 wrote:

Oh my goodness I got to be honest but even writing this is difficult because for me as I tend to use denial a lot . Hiding from the truth . Ok I been making some stupid choices eating unhealthy food ( sweets crisp) and I need to stop , I put on two pound which I know considering that I eaten is not much . I’m worried I’m on the slippery slope . I feel so stupid when I know in my head how dangerouse it is for me to regain my weight .i can’t work out why I would sabotage myself . I was four pound off a normal bmi !!!!

We have to give ourselves time. Lots of it. There is so much to learn. Some of it from the beginning but a great deal of it is revision. We all KNOW what we are supposed to do and not do, it’s the DOING it that’s the hard part.

We are given the tool (wls) but we have to learn to become a craftsperson. That takes practice – lots of it. We will make mistakes – some of them over and over – but eventually we learn to use the tools to create amazing new things. We carve our a new future for ourselves. We just have to make sure that we carve it the right way.

Don’t see it as failure but as a learning curve. If no one ever made mistakes, NOTHING would ever progress!

Please don’t get caught up with the numbers Kim. They do not define you as a person. Be healthy. Be as good as you can about nourishing your body. If you slip up, give yourself a break, then start from the beginning again. It’s one path….health. That’s it. Not a size or a weight – it’s always about health. And living.

You give so much to other people. I wish you could re direct some back to yourself more often.

Be kind to yourself. Please 🙂

Doodah x

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