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Re: Kidney stones

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@Kimberly 33834 wrote:

I been poorly this weekend with really bad abdominal pains , seen by out hours doctor home visit 11.00pm who diagnosed kidney stones as did my GP who I saw the following day . Any way pain is going yeah ! But I thought I would share as I done a bit of research found out kidney stones can be a common side effect of WLS , I knew about gallstones being comon but not kidney . Any way knowledge is power . I just think we need to be aware . I’m on the mend but sore

Poor you, I have stones in both kidney’s and my gall bladder and in 2011 one large stone got stuck and blocked one kidney and caused kidney sepsis which then caused Atrial Fibrillation and septicaemia very ouchy. Eventually passed the offending stone in hospital and named him Sidney, unfortunately was not allowed to keep him as the Urologist wanted him as it was the largest one that he had ever known someone pass.

Lelly x

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