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Re: Kidney stones

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@Kimberly 34020 wrote:

I’m so pleased today I went for annual asthma check out . I don’t want to go on about how poorly I was because you can read it here . So my BP was 112/72 on no blood pressure meds . Previously was 140/90 on two types of meds . I was nearly house bound with asthma and have been in resus . Thank you to my summers who not only did my bypas but found I had a hiatus hernia which he fixed . Since then I not used an inhaler , my peak flow was 400 it was 200 ..

I can’t tell you how happy this news made me, Kim. What a life saving, life giving thing wls is.

For people like you and I, it’s SO much more than the number on the scales or on the labels in our clothes. On a personal level, I’m very grateful to Shaw Somers too – we might never have met if he hadn’t performed your surgery!

Doodah x

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