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Re: kathc’s Weight Loss Journey

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Hi everyone

Feel like I haven’t posted for ages but had a mad run at home of kids ill hubby in and out of a and e – finally think we over the worst , in the middle of all that I weighed and thought I’d put 5 kg on so I was devastated , so went for my 3 month dietician follow up yesterday waiting for my wrist to be slapped and silly me I’d written my first weight down wrong !! So in fact I had lost another 10 kg !!! So I’m really happy, from before op to now 3 months my BMI had dropped 11 I’m so happy and feeling fab . Still loosing hair but hey ho I can shop in normal and cheaper clothes stores !!

I have been struggling to find yoghurts under the recommended 5 g sugar per 100g and spoke to dietician and she said yog is the one exception to the rule and we could go to 7 g as they counted the milk sugar too . So this will really open my choice now . Just thought I’d share in case anyone else finding that hard .

Right mad weekend of kiddie parties now !! Wish me luck .

Katherine . X x x

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