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Re: Just starting the process

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@mccharm2005 33204 wrote:

Hi all, I am new to this forum just getting started on my WLS process and wondering what to expect. I have my all day assessment at ST Richards on 27th Feb 2015 but not sure what happens after. Any advice is welcome

Hello mccharm, I am a newbie as well, my assessment was on 16/01/2015 and I have been accepted for a gastric bypass, it is a long day but to be honest it went quite quickly as you have to have your height and weight measured, then you see a psychologist, a specialist bariatric nurse, a dietician, a doctor, an anaesthetist and finally a surgeon or registrar. My advise is to get as much information as possible of the choices od operations available, watch the Fat Surgeons/Fat Doctors uk series as they are very informative. They like you to be as informed as possible, and just be honest. I am now waiting for my date and trying to lose weight to make my surgery safer and make it easier on the poor surgeon. I expect that you are excited, like me but nervous until you get the go ahead. This is a brilliant forum with lovely members who truly care, they will be leaving messages soon. You have chosen a wonderful hospital and when you have your assessment, you will be surprised at how nice everyone is and no-one judges you, such a unexpected pleasure. Welcome to the start of your journey……


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