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@Emski 24241 wrote:

Thank you for the warm welcome Nettie. It was suggested by the team at St Richards that the bypass would give me the best results based on my weight (23.5 stone). I went to the assessment open minded, even though I thought I was set on the band. I am really a happy to be approved for the WLS….but the big decision to go for it now lays in my hands.

Looking forward to reading more about the bypass and learning about others experiences.


I think it’s fantastic that they give you the choice and also time to make a decision, I opted to have a band but then I self funded and I think that does make a difference in regards to the amount of cash people have available as the bypass is more excpensive, some people find that after a band they have problems and require revision surgery and end up having a bypass anyway in the long run.

I think you are very wise to join the forum to gain as much experience as possible, feel free to talk to everyone and ask ask ask and ask somemore until there isn’t one single thing you don’t know about both operations and then you will know that the decision you make is an informed decision.

Happy fact finding

Nettie xx

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