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Re: Just had surgery 07. 11.11

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@twinladyuk 26390 wrote:

Hi Kerrie

I found that sometimes hunger was indistinguishable from the cramps. I found that a cup of tea was often all I needed to settle the pains.
I’ve had a big day today. Went out for lunch with the family (Mexican) and then had friend round for a takeaway (kebab). I had a starter for lunch and ate half a small grilled chicken kebab or dinner. I could not have imagined doing this 4-5 weeks ago and am thrilled that I can get on with my life!
In terms of protein, I add Marvel skimmed milk powder to my milk but nothing else. Also remember to keep hydrated.
Karen x

Great post Karen. I’m a firm believer that tea can solve everything haha!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can adapt to a new way of eating? The quicker you can manage it, the less time it takes for the new way to feel like the ‘normal’ way. I used to add Marvel too – mmm so creamy lol! At four years post op, I very rarely want to revert back to old habits.

In fact, it has happened on two occasions – both times when I thought I was going to lose my Dad. Sitting in the hospital from midnight till 5am whilst they tried to save my Dad’s life in theatre was a perfect opportunity for nasty old head hunger to try to sneak back in. Thank goodness for vile hospital coffee: it virtually paralysed my taste buds so that after a few hours everything would have tasted disgusting!

He has no chance now – head hunger that is 😉

Doodah x

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