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@Gill123 32904 wrote:

Have not been on the forum for awhile, so thought Id give a quick update as you had been so kind in helping me with previous posts.

Had my surgery on 2/12/2014 –

So, went in at 7.30am to Chichester (St Richards) under the care of the brilliant Mr Pring. Chanel 5 news were present and wanted to film my journey as they were covering a topic on bariatric bypass for people with diabetes and although I wasn’t keen, I felt it was important to take part as they asked so nicely but it was also my way of giving back to the NHS that gave me a chance for this operation.

After my interview on the ward I was taken to operating theatre, feeling very nervous and had to do a much longer interview, which took ages as they had to set up lighting etc. Eventually walked into theatre to aneathist and the whole time i kept thinking “I hope Ive made the right decision here”. Then followed Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Back on ward and not fully “compass mentis” I needed to be back in a chair for another quick interview, so took that opportunity to use the bathroom, but the movement made me very nauseous so started dry retching, not pleasant but soon passed. The rest of that day I mainly slept on and off. By the night time I woke more and had pain in back, presumably from the gas they put in to move your organs out the way. Most seem to get this pain in shoulders, but I had it mid back. With the help of the good hospital nurses I walked around a little, but it took about 24 hours to go.

The following day was in discomfort, but more in back than anything else, although had to sleep on my back which didn’t help. Next day (Thursday) was discharged in afternoon having waited to give last interview for channel 5. I was in quite a lot of pain Thursday & Friday and wondered how long it would last. Only taking paracetamol as did not want to use anything else that might cause constipation!

Saturday dawned and pain was far less and I felt FANTASTIC! I seemed to have a whole new look on life and everything looked so positive. Since then things have only got better and Im doing really well. Managing pureed food ok although looking forward to chewing food again, but that wont be until end of January. But I dont regret this at all and have thrown my diabetic medication and insulin in bin


How brilliant Gill, I am so pleased for you and it was good that you gave a “warts and all” account of your operation and recovery. Wishing you all the best on you journey to “normality”, take care

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