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Re: Juicing anyone?

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@hazelann70 29158 wrote:

Not been here for a while but am still trundling on with it all. I’ve gained and lost over the months and still don’t dump. I’ve now started juicing. Having watched the channel 5 doc Fat, Sick and Almost Dead, it gave me inspiration to try this juicing lark. Must say, the first week on the Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 days gave me a 4.5lb loss but the main thing was the energy boost. I went from needing 8 hours a night to 6 hours and each morning I was/am up and feeling ready for the day. The only draw back for me was the lack of savouriness in it all. I had the same problem post bypass where everything is based around the sweet factor i.e. yogurts, smoothies etc and I landed up not wanting to consume anything until I twigged it was through the lack of savoury. So, after a week, I caved in and ate every bit of crap I could find. One would have thought my bypass would have kicked in and prevented this horrendous act but alas not. Not even any toilet reaction to it all. So, after a few days, I have now begun the Joe Cross plan as I do seem to love this juicing game. Just gotta see what happens now but I would recommend it to anyone if they feel they need a boost in energy. Can’t say it’s helped with my housework lack of motivation though but I think I’ll need something more than fruit and veggie juices to sort that problem out!

Hi there and welcome back!

How bizarre that you didn’t dump at all on all that fruit! How many months/years are you post op? I’m only asking because I’m five years and definitely don’t dump on some things anymore. I’m lucky enough to realise what they are and avoid them 99% of the time! Have just come back from the Austrian Alps and couldn’t believe I had only put on 2lbs – I ate cake every day!! That was that 1% seven days lol!

I think you are brilliant the way you just keep trying – some people might give up but not you. I think we all need to find our own way to stay healthy and keep the weight off as much as possible. Sometimes we win, others we lose but it’s the keeping on that matters 😉

Doodah x

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