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Re: Joined Today – Hoorah

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Hi Vonone

You are right to ask all the questions that bother you – we have all done it at some point.

Yes to the yearly prescription subscription (try saying THAT ten times fast lol)
You will only have to be near a toilet if you eat anything of which you don’t know the exact ingredients and sometimes yes it is offensive if you have tried something new.
Most of our families, partners etc have benefitted from eating the same food as us as it’s low fat and sugars so try to get your loved ones to fit in with you rather than the other way round.
You will stop thinking about food! You may even have to be reminded to eat – hard to fathom I know!
No, you are not thinking too much. You are right to want to know all the possible pitfalls and it proves you are ready, willing and able to learn how to improve your health and wellbeing with the help of weight loss surgery.

Some useful links!

Return to Slender, the UK’s first bariatric cookery book | Bariatric Cookery

First is the link to order the prescription pre payment certificate and the second if for two fantastic books written by the lovely Carol Ball which we all use as a ‘bible’ after surgery.

Hope this helps 😉

Doodah x

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