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Re: Johncg’s Story

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Hi doodah… 30 years… Four grandkids… Mortgage finished in dec 2011 and two stone lighter so far… Life doesn’t get better than this…

I fly a lot but it pees me of,,, you can see the look on others faces, “I hope that fat bastard doesn’t sit next to me” I hear them say. Then it’s a struggle to get the seat belt out from under my arse let alone get it to meet…. And as for the tray… You have to laugh… That’s what we are famous for fat people always laugh… But not inside, I’m crying… Then the trolly dolly ” would sir like something from the trolly” yes sir would like a nice pork pie roast pots and a portion of chips for later on, but because I’m sitting next to dolly Parton I’ll just have a glass of water…. As I breath in… Lol… Then you sweat about using the lav.. Once you have built up the courage to stand up and yes everyone looks at you, because you have to time it wright that you miss the bloody trolly on it’s way back… You made it to the lav… Not try getting your strides down and reversing onto the flower pot, I can only describe it as docking of the Luna space station.. I’ve got good at it but once in position I can move my arms from my side to wipe.. And all the time your looking at the door hoping you locked it…. Then the journey back to your seat and you meet miss tiny on the way and she says breath in… Breath in where do you think 22 stone is going to go by me just breathing in???

Holidays I love em.


John xxxxx

First fill in October

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