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Re: Johncg’s Story

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Hi All,
Heidi in reply to mash and veg, its on the paperwork i got from Streamline, for week one after operation for dinner, although the portion size was very small and took a while to eat, it is mixed with gravy so its quite sloppy.. and the veg was one tea spoon of peas crushed with a fork…. was quite yummy considering what i have eaten over the last few weeks.. (milk)…i have noticed more today the time it takes for fluid and yoghurt to go down and the band is empty at the moment, but Guy did say that i would be swollen inside for a few days hence lots of water….. I have had more wind today from the rear, now to be blunt..thinking it might be a welcome fart that is much needed i took precaution and went to the boys room, lucky for me i did otherwise misses john would have not been happy…. I also feel like i need to do a massive burp but can only manage very small ones… still all seems to be going ok and this thing about head hunger, i know exactly was it is now, my mind (head) is saying saveloy and chips please, but my body is saying no you don’t need it and in any case you could not get it down..strange feeling, i constantly feel full up…anyway folks keep well and stay focused.

apy daze
john xx

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