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Re: Johncg’s Story

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Hi Heidi.

I had my doubts whilst walking to the Magic sleeping injection, not thoughts of is this the right thing to go but purely on the cost, I could have got a new car which is very much needed my grandkids could have a fantastic holiday my girls could pay a lump of there mortgages etc… But put that against an extra 10/20/30 years of life and theirs no comparison… And now I have No regrets at all… I saw a very nice shirt in M&S today it’s two sizes smaller that I would normally buy in fact they don’t do my size in M&S I have not tried it on yet but even if it don’t fit I’ll work harder until it fits. … My goal is to walk along the beach in June 2012 just wearing shorts without wearing my tent top.

Take care Heidi

Love John xxx

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