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Re: Jealousy

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@Whitey 30690 wrote:

Just experienced a very weird reaction to my weight loss. I met a woman at work who had not seen me since my surgery. At first she didn’t recognise me then made a big fuss on saying how different I looked and asked for all the details which I told her. I explained I had WLS surgery – purely for health reasons and explained it had not been easy but I was pleased with my 9 stone weight loss and going from at size 28 to size 14/16. At the end of the conversation she came out with “well I preferred how you looked before!” Could it be that she is jealous because I am now thinner than her!

Jealousy. Plain and simple. You have achieved something totally fabulous. She hasn’t.

It says more about her than it does about you. I have found that people generally fall into three categories: delighted, disgruntled and indifferent. Keep the delighted people as friends and be indifferent about the other two types!

Someone from another support group asked me if I got jealous watching people getting slimmer than me!!!! Can you believe that? It’s my greatest delight! But more than that it’s watching people become happier and healthier. Some people are simply never going to be happy seeing someone else flourish. Leave them behind and move on.

Doodah x

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