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Re: I’ve made it!!!

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I don’t know where you have gad it done but you shoudl aim for 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.

Drink 64 fl oz i think it is. but not half an hour either size of eating anything so half and hour be for and not for half and hour after. You won’t make it through this amount yet but you sure need to try to get as much fluid down you as you can.

Your dinner dish for now should be a ramekin size and protein first followed by veg followed by carbohydrates. At the moment it is just puree for a few weeks. snack on mashed banana, cheese triangles that sort of this. Milky coffee for a snack as it is good for fluid as well as protein. I am sure there will be lots of people along with some more suggestions. Breakfast weetabix, ready brek add fruit puree for a change and just watch the sugar content nothing over 5g per 100g or you will dump.

Good luck and welcome to the losers bench xx

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