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Re: I’ve joined a choir !!!

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@Deifersmum 26906 wrote:

HI All

Just bursting to tell everyone, I’ve joined a choir, the last time I was in a choir was 30 odd years ago when I was in school!!!!

It started when my 26 year old son took up the violin as a dare when he was home on leave from Afganistan last April, he found an instructor and is doing well, so everytime he’s home on leave he goes to see her for more lessons, anyway back in September he told me that she is starting a choir and, as he’s had to put up with me singing in the shower, car, round the hourse etc, etc, he thought I might like to join so, horror of horror’s he put my name down, well I thought might as well go along and see what it all about, they can always say thanks but no thanks, so in for a penny and all that and, well the rest is history as yesterday, Saturday 8th December, we had our first concert and I was there, in the front row, singing my little heart out, what an enormous blast that was, hubby was in the third row routing for me, I’m still on cloud nine it was amazing.

Believe me when I tell you that this would have been unthinkable 21 months ago, ain’t life grand after weight loss surgery!!!

Merry christmas everyone

Lots of love

Oh Lesley, what a truly magical post to wake up to on a freezing cold Monday morning! It has made me so happy.

It still amazes me to hear all the brilliant things that people try after wls. All the things we are good at but wouldn’t let ourselves try before surgery – it’s just so heartwarming. I used to sing on a semi-professional level but my asthma has robbed me of my voice. I do miss it so. I know exactly how you feel – the best natural high in the world!

Thank you SO much for sharing this with us. I’m very, very happy for you.

Doodah x

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