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Re: I’ve joined a choir !!!

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@Deifersmum 27003 wrote:

totally agree with your sentiments doodah, that’s the best thing to have come out of wls, it’s the choices I can now make, not just in buying clothes and shoes, although initally that gave me a huge buzz.. but in achieving things I certainly wouldn’t have thought possible 18 months ago, for example, I’ve applied for a job in Malta of all places, my husband and I like it so much over there we’re thinking of moving there next year permanently, yes a spare bedroom is available for holidays… I would never have even considered that before wls, too many health issues. I’m not running straight home fro work anymore to ‘hide’ but getting out and about, tonight I was singing with the choir for guide dogs for the blind, yes it was cold but boy was it fun and the dog was gorgeous, I wanted to bring her home with me, the owner wouldn’t let me …. But I totally believe it’s the ability to make those choices that are turning my life around and all for the positive. Yes I’ll always have problems with my weight but now I control it not the other way round.

Keep well and have a good christmas


Yet again you have put it in a nutshell Lesley. We will always have deep-rooted problems around food and weight but after wls we can take back control. It might only ever be 70/30 or even 60/40 but, even if its only 51/49, we still have the final say in how our lives will pan out in the future. That is an astonishing gift to be given isn’t it?

Doodah x

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