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Re: I’ve joined a choir !!!

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@Deifersmum 26964 wrote:

Hi Katy and Doodah

I absolutely agree, it’s the best thing I’ve done since my wls, yet another good decision. I must say though I do have to wonder why I’m doing this when we’re standing outside in the cold singing christmas carols for shoppers, I just keep reminding myself it’s for a good cause, in this case guide dogs for the blind. There I am dressed like the michelin man wiht untold layers singing my little heart out, it’s the best fun I’ve ever had that didn’t include the F word, and zero calories…. aint’ life grand…. I’ve off to decorate the tree again……

Merry Christmas all.


LOVE this post Lesley – so funny as well as inspiring and uplifting! Huge supporter of the charity you are raising money for. Have you seen the Dogs for Heroes charity? The original dog ‘Endal’ was local to me (as is his owner of course!) Endal has since passed away but EJ – Endal Junior is continuing his wonderful work.

You all know I am a massive dog/animal lover so to hear all the positive posts about walking further with your dogs or raising money for them is something particularly dear to my heart. It’s just another knock on effect of the merits of wls – after we have finished changing/saving our own lives, we are able to start helping others both two and four legged ;-))

Hounds for Heroes – Home

Guide Dogs UK Charity for the Blind and Partially Sighted

Doodah x

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