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Re: I’ve got my date!!!

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@Lelly 33952 wrote:

Everything will be fine, I know what you mean about all these feelings, I am getting collywobbles now and feeling sick is quite common but look what we have to look forward to, our hubby’s will have NEW wives who will be alive and able to do so much more, my boys, well not boys, they are 30 and 28 years old, will have a proper Mum for once, they have missed out on so much, not love but other things that I could never do. So let’s man up and do this Sis!

Lelly xxx

Hear Hear Lelly!

The age of your children doesn’t matter in the slightest and it is never too late!

My children were grown adults when I had my surgery and I have been able to do things with them that I could never have dreamed of before!

* A long haul flight to the Maldives and swim with them amongst tropical fish and turtles.

* Go to Take That concerts with my daughter and her friends.

* Go to Wembley and fit through the turnstiles.

* Go up to the very top of the Penken (Austrian Tyrol) in a cable car.

* Go to the tiny little theatre where The Lady in Black is running and fit into the weeny little seats.

* Go to Covent Garden for a ‘shuffle round’.

* Go on a spa break with my Daughter for Mother’s Day

The list is endless. As will be yours!!

No one is ever too old to want to be with their Mum or Dad and have quality time and mini adventures!

It’s why I love my job so much – I get to hear and see all these ‘firsts’ and share them by proxy! Life is great after wls. Just follow the guidelines, be brave, be flexible and ‘see’ in your mind all the good things that are coming your way. Most of all, for the first time in your life, put yourself first. You are worth it.

Doodah x

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