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Re: I’ve got my date!!!

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@Vickster 33849 wrote:

Oh Kimberly, you are wonderful! I have some simple things on my wish list, and some big ones too! Here are some of them! Wrapping a towel around me, being able to sit on chairs/furniture and not worry that they are going to collapse underneath me. Reach my toe nails. Have a lap for my god daughter to be able to sit on. Not need a new toilet seat every six months! Be able to sleep in bed once again (have had to sleep on the sofa since Christmas). Be able to have a bath. Be able to have my pick of jewellery. Feel cold in water! Wear a coat in the winter! Wear seasonally appropriate clothes and shoes! Have clear work clothes, home clothes and going out clothes. Go horse riding! Be more active. For my husband to finally carry me over the threshold. To do Go Ape. To having a go at segwaying. To wear matching underwear. And most importantly, to have a future. There are so many more. but this is just a taster. I love the idea of writing a letter, will do that!!

Reading these things that you want to do is so “real”, many people who are not our size would never understand. The last time that I went horse riding was when I was sixteen-seventeen and even then the horse gave me a long hard look and I’m sure that he felt that he had got the short straw.

Lelly xxx

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