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Re: I’ve got my date!!!

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I remember it so well , and I can honestly say it’s been brilliant . Even Through had a few tiny bump along the road . I would still do it again . . So what on your wish list vic ��I had painting and cutting my toe nails ,. Wrapping a towel around with out gaps , getting up stairs with out being out of breath , walking to local shops 10 minutes away . Sitting on a plane without extension belt !!!! . Cycling around airfield ( 3 miles) staring at gym going to aqua areobic,sitting in the bath with water both sides, and many more . But seriously it’s good to having a wish list including the small things and the big things , and keep it . Also take your measurement and photo before liver diet , and write your self a letter for the future telling your story about how life is for you at this moment . After WLS life is brilliant but some times their are lows like when you stall . It’s a journey and when your having a bad day it’s helpful to look at photo, read your wish list and letter, try on your old trouser. As Doodah says it’s not just about the number on a scale . Ps don’t compare your weight lost with others it’s you own personal journey xxxxx

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