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Re: I’ve been hiding because I am gloomy – sorry, a big self pitying post…

Home » Surgical Journey » Pre- Weight Loss Surgery » I’ve been hiding because I am gloomy – sorry, a big self pitying post… » Re: I’ve been hiding because I am gloomy – sorry, a big self pitying post…

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@Vickster 33437 wrote:

Hi, I have been in hiding a bit, because I feel so thoroughly miserable and fed up. Had my MDT on 16th January, and I knew from that start it would be a wait. They said three to six months, but I have been told on some groups that “they always say that, and it’s always 9 months”. I am over thirty stone, and I really don’t know how much longer my body can haul this about for. I hurt all the time, I get out of breath going from room to room. I work on the 8th floor, and this morning both the lifts were out for a time. I literally didn’t know how I was going to get to my desk.

I am trying to use this time to prepare, and have been doing lots of reading, and lots of looking at myself, relationships, relationships with food, etc, but I am just so down at the moment.

I have had three separate experiences of abuse this week because of my size, I really just want to blend in with the crowd. Sorry to moan, just feeling dead miserable.

I guess we are heading to our three month date from MDT, and there was part of me that had hoped the 3-6 month thing would be 3 months…hey ho.

Please don’t be sad Vicky, I know it’s hard, I have been really miserable as well poppet but we can do this. I know how you feel about stairs, they do me in, three lots of stairs to get to my desk every morning, I have to rest before each set and have to stand aside for others to pass me, thank goodness for wide staircases. I worry that I won’t make it before my surgery, I am 56 years old and 28 stone, my body cannot take much more of this.
But we have come this far and it’s been two and a half months since our MDT, we are strong…ish, well maybe not but we have our families and each other and let’s face it we cannot make it happen any sooner unless we win the lottery and if I do I shall pay for us both to have it done with Streamline, oh by the way it has to be a big win, not a tenner lol. We always thought it would be May and although that is not to be, it may not be too far away xxx

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