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Re: It’s time for action

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Hi Hazel

You hit the nail right on the head there – the need to sort out our heads every bit as much as our bodies. If not more!

Even after almost 4 years, if my bypass were suddenly ‘removed’ I would panic like mad!! Ironically, I think I would do the complete opposite of what I used to do: turn to food. I actually think I would reject huge amounts of food for fear of regain. I have had 2.5 years of being a ‘normal, healthy’ weight so the thought of gaining a significant amout back would shock me to the core. My weight used to literally make me housebound (often bedbound) and so depressed I couldn’t see any future for myself. The thought of returning to that is enough to make me stick to healthy eating but Oh my LIFE I wouldn’t want to do it without my best friend – my little pouch!!

Good for you for waiting until you are in the right ‘head space’ again before trying to tackle the few pounds you have gained. I’m a firm believer in getting the mind right first. I said as much to a Psychologist at the Sudbury Clinic Official Opening on Wednesday. I had 3 years of therapy before I had my bypass and it helped more than I could have ever hoped for.

Good luck with claiming back control, not only of your weight but your right to make decisions for yourself. Food is our ruddy enemy sometimes and we need to be ready to assume control at any given moment!!

Doodah x

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