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Re: Its not soooo bad!!

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@Sally Bailey 14796 wrote:

Well done Tinks. You are obviously in control of things and looking forward to being a new healthy you! When and where is your op and who is doing it?
You’re right about being lucky enough to be able to tolerate milk. Must be hard for the lactose intolerant to have to use an alternative method. I just loved the simplicity of the milk diet – it required no thought!! It’s amazing how you don’t get ravenously hungry though isn’t it? Makes you realise how much people over eat in general these days.
keep up the good work hon.

Sally x

Hi Sally

My op is being done by the lovely Mr Jamie Kelly at the Wessex Nuffield next Monday (only 6 days to go!). I met with the lovely people from Buzz’s support group on Monday night and am reassured that i’m making the right decision for me, and that i can look forward to a much better and lighter life following my op. Soooooo looking forward to being on the loser’s bench.

Tinks x

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