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Re: Is this dumping?

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Hey whitey

I developed similar symptoms a few months ago to the point where I was semi conscious 1 night.
Im being investigated by st richardsbut they think I am having ‘reactive hypoglycaemia’ which seems to happen about 4 hours after eating. It’s a relatively new discovery linked to WLSbut I know they are advising people at pre assessment now that this may happen.
It is to do with a cycle of dumping and hypos and the bodies inability to maintain blood glucose adequately. At the moment I am turning in weekly food diaries to my dietician and measuring my blood sugars every day. They want to try and see a pattern. Mine happens mostly at night about 4 hrs after dinner so I have been advises to eat a biscuit and a milky drink before bed.
There is some info online about this.
I’m not saying that this is the problem but it may be worth looking in to. I picked up a blood sugar machine for £10 from boots so I can monitor my sugars closely.
It’s like the opposite of dumping!!

Katy x

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