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Re: Is this dumping?

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@Whitey 28467 wrote:

Hi just wanted some advice from fellow bypassers. I am almost 1 year post op and keep getting symptons of dumping: light headed, dizziness, palpitations and sometimes sweating. This happens at all times of day before or after eating. I sometimes get it first thing in the morning before I have eaten anything. It doesn’t happen after I have eaten sweet or high fat food (which I rarely have). The palpitations last anything from a few seconds to several hours. They vary in strength. I hardly have any caffeine so don’t think it’s that. Could it be caused by not enough fluid? It only used to happen now and then but the last few weeks it seems to happen more often. I wonder if any of you have had this problem.

Hi there.

You have had some superb answers to this but I must emphasise that you need to see your GP in the first instance. If you are still under the care of your team, phone them too. We are none of us clinicians and even if we are, you should only ever follow the advice of your own primary health care team. I know that sounds all official and sensible but it is the truth.

I once took the advice of a receptionist at one department who told me I had what looked like a keloid area on my scar. Turned out I had a small hernia!! Had to have it seen to in hospital under sedation.

So, I would say make an appointment with your GP (who may send you for blood tests) then take it from there. Really hope you get it sorted asap. It sounds awful 🙁

Doodah x

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