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Re: is my honeymoon period over!

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@miss missy 17044 wrote:

thankyou my friends for your replies.i knew i could count on you all to make me feel better.i no ive done well and delighted to be 14 11.cant remember the last time i was that weight.about 5 years ago i think when i was in the lighter life diet.its just that up till 2 weeks ago i was losing about 10 to 12lbs a month and to go to just 6lb is a bit of a let down.if i was a mr men person i would be little miss impatient but if im totally honest i no im eating too much not exercising enough and not drinking the plan 4 the next 2 weeks is to count my cals walk the dog EVERY day(shell think its xmas)and drink as much as i can stomach.will see if that kick starts a bigger weight loss.gonna try and not go over 800 cals.i was reading an old post where the dicussion was about ice cream and somebody had written that theyd had a couple of small spoons of ice cream and 2 strawberries and they were much further down the line than i am so i no im eating way 2 much cos i had a normal size bowl of that the other day and could have eaten more but stopped my plan is in action and will report back on this in subject in 2 weeks.much much love.xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Missy
this sounds like a gr8 plan
and will kick start your losses again
the woofie will think they are in heaven with all the ”walkies”
all the best x

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