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Re: is my honeymoon period over!

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@stilltryingsohard 17016 wrote:

If you started at 19st and are now 14st that is a great loss in a very short time
but you must try to remember that a bypass is suppossed to lose between 50% and occassionally up to 75% of your EXCESS weight only.(Although a few people do loose a lot more the majority don’t) so supposing you were supposed to be 10 st
then starting at 19 st you have 9 st of excess weight-so 50% would be four and a half stone and although you can loose more
the bypass has actually ”delivered” for you
I KNOW THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR and actually it may not be the case at all but that is a true fact of the matter.
However -if you think about it REALLY carefully most weight losses slow down significantly and even STOP at the very same time that patients start to ‘snack” and what I still can not get my head around that it should not matter as we still eat FAR FAR less than we ever did pre op and yet we would have lost weight on that smaller amount!!!
Having said that 6lbs in a month is still good at your weight
I wish you well on your wl journey-but it really isn’t easy
I have tried on several occassions to post these things to try to prepare people to what SOMETIMES (NOT ALWAYS) can happen-but I have been thought of as being negative.
All the very best to you

Excellent advice, too often we don’t look at the % excess weight loss figures because we hope that for us it will be different, sometimes it is but equally sometimes it isn’t and we have to be willing to be happy with that outcome if we happen to be one of those patients. It was a contributing factor to me chosing the band as my option, although my surgeon actually exagerated the excess weight loss figures for the bypass and played down the figures for the band.

Be patient Missy, exercise well and check your intake, pringles helped get you to your starting point in your journey don’t let them take you back. Good luck

Nettie xx

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