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Re: is my honeymoon period over!

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Hi Missy

Congratulations on your briliant weight loss so far. You must certainly be feeling the benefits!

Don’t beat yourself up about starting smoking again too much. We all return to the things we think are helping in a time of need.
Also, please don’t forget that you are probably more active now and that some of your weight is more than likely muscle. therefore, try measuring yourself instead for a while – I bet the inches have dropped.

It’s true we all need to accept there can be downsides to wls and that it is never plain sailing (I’ve had a few hiccups) but always remember, you have lost a brilliant amount already! Also, my friend asked me “When is my brain going to catch up with my body?” after his sleeve gastrectomy. He has lost over 20st but still thinks like a ‘fatty’. We decided that ‘Once a fatty, always a fatty’ should be our mantra as we will always see ourselves as such. He is now really slim but still hasn’t ‘forgiven’ himself for getting fat. I hope that makes sense!

Try concentrating on what you have already achieved (which is considerable!) and be kind to yourself – as kind as you would be to anyone else.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on. As for the dreaded weed, I gave up 32 years ago and thank goodness I did as I am now a chronic asthmatic. I gave up because my new boyfriend (now my husband of 30 years) hated it. I wanted him more than the fags!!! Young love eh?!?!

Doodah x

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