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Re: Is it possible to be fat and truly happy?

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At seminars I am always honest about every aspect of my wls journey as I feel it’s only fair that people make an informed choice about whether or not to embark on their own. I speak about the many, many advantages but I don’t shy away from the problems that can arise either.

I believe that if you become slimmer (hate the word ‘thin’) and you are in a job/place/relationship that makes you unhappy, you will still be in it when you have lost your weight if you don’t make changes to all areas of your life. However, feeling healthier, happier and more in control of your life will have a positive effect on the choices available to you in order to change things: you will also value yourself more. Being slimmer may not find you a new job or the dream home or even save a failing relationship but it will allow you to see your TRUE worth as you will not be focused on your outward appearance.

It made me search inside myself again. Before, when I was super-morbidly obese, I could not imagine anyone who didn’t know me before I became that way, seeing me as a person of value. This in itself puts up a barrier. Not all people are cruel and judgemental so my own poor self-image was the barrier they had to break! Then, because not everyone has the time or inclination to do so, it reinforced that perception in my mind. In short, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We think we are of little value so we don’t invite it from others. A terrible vicious, never-ending circle.

So, LOVE your new, slimmer, healthier body but nurture the person inside more. Value yourself and others will follow.

Doodah x

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