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Re: Is it possible to be fat and truly happy?

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I don’t doubt that for a second Natalie. In fact most of my own weight loss buds say the same: even if you are happy in your personal life, the negative impact it has on our day-to-day life and health is sometimes unbearable. It’s THAT which makes us depressed.

Even at 26+ stone, I always did my hair, wore make up and dressed as nicely as I could. I wore bright colours (still do!) and never hid in a corner but: I couldn’t dance, go for long walks, walk my dogs, go to the cinema/theatre, fly long-haul, fit in some restaurant seats, go through the turnstiles at Wembley, stand on the tube in London, play any sports, carry my little niece around, get some car seat belts round me…so many, many things I longed to do.

Ok, I still can’t do some of them due to life long problems (asthma and arthritis being two of them) that have nothing to do with my weight, but at least now I’m not staring an early death in the face! So, yes it is possible (in my humble opinion) to be fat and happy but fat, happy and healthy – jury is still out on that one for me.

Doodah x

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