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@janie61 26893 wrote:

Well I am going to carry on as I am until my bloods are done which will be soon. I have to say I am eating so much healthier and more nutritiously ( if that is a word lol) which makes me happy and I can honestly say that I am eating the foods that I want now post operatively. I am amazed at how much my tastes have changed since my surgery
Jane xx

Lots of us say the same thing. For me, I now crave savoury foods, especially spicy ones! Hot Quorn Chilli, veggie curry (with cous cous as can’t do rice) and my dearest old friend, Marmite. I think I love Marmite even more after surgery if that’s even possible haha!

You are right to stick with what you are doing until told otherwise. Your dietitian will know your requirements better than anyone else in these early stages. The rest is common sense.

Doodah x

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