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Re: Inspirational quote from Facebook

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@Floyd 28145 wrote:

Needed to see this, have plateaud (?) for 5 weeks and was getting gloomy about it. Not now.


Thank YOU for not being gloomy anymore! I think we all need to sometimes sit back and actually think about what we are achieving (it’s an ongoing journey as I prove!!)

We bandy numbers around like 5st, 8st, 11st, 16st, 20st, even up to thirty stones in some cases as if it is a mere trifle or drop in the ocean. I honestly believe we sometimes forget how hard it used to be to lose 5lbs let alone 5 stones! We also ask SO MUCH of our bodies and for the most part they don’t give upon us. So, a plateau is a little holiday for our bodies whilst they re-group, find a bit more energy then get going again. Like it said – it’s really good practice for maintaining.

Maintenance is something I think we don’t get too much time to plan for. We lose weight so quickly that keeping it off is almost a secondary thought. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen by magic. I’m almost 5 years post op and I’m still aware of everything I’m eating. That’s not to say I count calories or remove food items from my diet but I’m now acutely aware that staying healthy means eating healthily for the most part (95% of the time for me personally)

A five week plateau is normal so I’m very, very glad that you are no longer gloomy about it. Every experience we have after wls can be used as a lesson learned. If you become worried about it, I would suggest going back to basics or contacting your team to see if there are any things that can be ‘tweaked’. It might be something everso simple that you just hadn’t thought about 😉

Doodah x

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