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Thanks alot Lisa. I shall keep that in mind. I bet you feel great now. Oh! 3 stone… Now that makes me look forward to it even more.

I am active now, I box twice a week and take zumba as well but that’s not going to happen next week as I don’t think I would have the energy while on the milk diet.


@flutterbylilly 30909 wrote:

Hi dumi

I had my band on the 21st September last year and today I am 3 stone 3lb lighter 🙂
You really have nothing to worry about!!
As long as you do exactly what is asked and remember to take care of yourself and in the first couple of weeks take plenty of rest.

I have now got 6.75ml in mine so im coming to finding my sweet spot!!

I have once or twice eaten too fast or not chewed enough and things have got stuck so its soo important to chew,chew and chew some more!!
For the first time last week I did eat too much and started froffing at the mouth but that was my own fault for leaving too long between meals as i was extremely hungery so have got into the habit of having a rice cake or even weight watchers oat biscuits between lunch and tea.

I work extremely long days so I tend to eat while I’m driving so tend to stick to a worburtons thin with ham init for lunch.

If you do what is asked you will sail through it 🙂

Would I do it all again………YES….without a doubt I should have done it years ago.

Just remember the band is a tool towards weight loss so you will have to work with it and it certainly makes weight loss much easier and manageable 🙂

Good luck on your journey

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